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Allure Skin & Beauty

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Allure is proud to be one of the very first Salons to bring the revolutionary new treatments to the Kapiti Coast , our trained skincare expert will conduct a thorough consultation prior to the treatment to ensure that this treatment is suited for you. Consults are free but is mandatory and includes a mini facial where the condition of your skin can be assessed. If you are a good candidate for this treatment you will have to prep the skin with Tyrosinase inhibiting products for about two weeks prior to the treatment this ensure that your skin is in optimal health, this ensures quicker healing time and prevents post inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation.

Plasma or otherwise known as Fibroblast treatments is the Newest and ADVANCED Solution for:

  • Non Surgical skin tightening of Eye lids (Blepharoplasty) including tightening of bags in the under-eye area and excess skin on the eyelids.
  • Reduction in the lines around the eyes commonly referred to as crow's feet.
  • Skin tag & Mole removal (flat or raised)
  • Pigment reduction
  • Skin regeneration
  • Neck lift
  • reducing the appearance of stretch marks and tightening of skin post pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Effective for the treatment of Acne
  • boosting trans-epidermal absorption of skincare ingredients.

Advantages of Plasma Treatments

  • Non- invasive treatment
  • No Scalpels or surgical cutting
  • No bleeding
  • Low risk treatment
  • Rapid recovery, with minimal down time
  • Significantly more affordable than Surgery
  • No general anesthetic required, only a topical anesthetic is applied.
  • No suturing or stitches 

View our gallery for before and after Pictures of this amazing treatment!