Fibroblast Plasma Treatment

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Fibroblast Plasma Treatment

As we age, our bodies start to show signs of all we’ve experienced during our lives. Sun exposure, weight loss and weight gain, lifestyle and diet, every part of our journey shows in some way in our faces and our bodies.

At Allure Skin and Laser, we believe that our bodies deserve to be supported and given a little extra help along the way to keep us looking and feeling our best.

This is why we offer Fibroblast Plasma treatments. Fibroblast offers the newest and most advanced solutions for a wide range of skin problems. The treatments are non-surgical and long-lasting, and performed by Allure Skin and Laser owner Vickey Ryan, the national trainer for Fibroblast in New Zealand. You’ll be in the safest of hands; no one in New Zealand is more qualified or experienced than Vickey.

Allure Skin and Laser Waikanae is currently the only provider in Kapiti to offer Fibroblast body treatments as well as facial treatments. We can help you correct all those problem areas you’ve struggled with over the years, without the need for invasive surgery.

Fibroblast plasma treatments are extremely effective for:

  • Non-surgical skin tightening and lifting
  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • Non-surgical eyelid correction (both upper and lower lids)
  • Skin tag and mole removal
  • Acne improvement
  • Pigmentation reduction
  • Skin regeneration
  • Skin tightening for face and neck lifting
  • Reduction of stretch marks and scarring
  • Boosting the transdermal absorption of skincare ingredients

We’d love to provide you with a complimentary consultation to see whether Fibroblast is right for you. Simply call us to schedule a time with Vickey now.

Fibroblast Plasma 

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